The department of petroleum resources (DPR), was established in 1970 to replace the then Petroleum Division of the Ministry of Mines and Power.

As the technical arm of the ministry of petroleum resources, the department has the statutory responsibility of ensuring compliance with petroleum laws, regulations and guidelines in the Oil and Gas Industry in industry.

The discharge of these responsibilities involves monitoring of operations at drilling sites, producing wells, production platforms and flow stations, crude oil export terminals, refineries, storage depots, pump stations, retail outlets, any other locations where petroleum is either stored or sold, and all pipelines carrying crude oil, natural gas and petroleum products, while carrying out the following functions, among others:

(i) Supervising all Petroleum Industry operations being carried out under licences and leases in the country.

(ii) Monitoring the Petroleum Industry operations to ensure that is in line with national goals and aspirations including those relating to Flare down and Domestic Gas Supply Obligations.

(iii) Ensuring that Health Safety& Environment regulations conform with national and international best oil field practice.

(iv) Maintaining records on petroleum industry operations, particularly on matters relating to petroleum reserves, production/exports, licences, and

(v) Advising Government and relevant Government agencies on technical matters and public policies that may have an impact on the administration and petroleum activities.

(vi) Processing industry applications for leases, licences, and permits.

(vii) Ensure timely and accurate payments of Rents, Royalties and other revenues due to the government.

(viii) Maintain and administer the National Data Repository (NDR).