Introducing methanol fuel will end gas flaring in Nigeria – Minister

The introduction of methanol technology will go a long way in reducing gas flaring in the country, the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, has said.

Dr. Onu declared this at yesterday’s 2nd Inter-Ministerial meeting in Abuja to introduce the National Methanol Fuel Production Technology Policy.

He clarified that the enormous gas resources of Nigeria would be transformed into useful products, through methanol technology, paving the way for the growth of other companies.

He added that these companies ‘ demand for gas would greatly reduce the gas flaring.

With methanol, the minister further said the use of kerosene and firewood for cooking will be reduced to the barest minimum, thereby minimizing deforestation.

Dr. Onu further said methanol would also have a positive impact on shipping, power generation, and manufacturing.

Methanol, he said, is an important raw material in industrial production and will go a long way to boosting our economy.

Environment Minister Dr. Muhammad Mahmood Abubakar, Science and Technology Minister of State Barr. Mohammed Abdullahi, representing the Minister of Finance and the Minister of State for Petroleum, attended the meeting.

Earlier, the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Bello Umar, called on the committee to ensure that comprehensive work is done to ensure that the strategy for the good of the nation is implemented immediately and also to improve the government’s revenue drive.

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