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Argentina cuts red tape to spur gas exports

Argentina will sharply cut the approval process for gas exports, the energy ministry said on Friday, as the country looks to ramp up developments of its huge unconventional Vaca Muerta shale play and become a net energy exporter.

Algeria set to export petrol from 2021

After importing around 4 million tonnes of petrol in 2019 to support its output, the story may not be the same for North African country Algeria in 2021 as it would begin to export petrol.

Libya seeks U.S. assistance to end oil blockade

Libya is in dire need of assistance from the United States to lift the blockade of oil ports that has decimated the country’s oil production. “The continuation of the shutdowns will result in a catastrophic financial crisis,” said Prime Minister Fayez Serraj. “Losses from the oil shutdowns have exceeded $1.4bn. The figure is increasing every…

Guyana exports first barrels of oil

The Department of Energy, Guyana, has said that the government has sent its first barrels of oil to Barbados to sell, following the discovery of oil in large quantities almost five years ago near its coast.

Chevron visualizes ‘long, healthy pace’ in Permian

President of Chevron’s North American business, Steve Green, yesterday, was insistent that the current shale patch will not be a victim to historic boom-and-bust cycles that have constantly been affecting the Texas oil economy for years.
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