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Refineries in Nigeria: Facts you need to know

As at the time of making this post, there are only four refineries in Nigeria. One is in Warri, another in Kaduna and two in Port Harcourt. The refineries are government-owned and subsidiaries of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). The refineries have a combined installed capacity of 445,000 bpd. A comprehensive network of

How oil and gas firms can utilize digital technologies in their business

The importance of adopting digital technologies in the oil and gas industry cannot be over-emphasized. As new technologies emerge every day, oil and gas companies will not be left out in the benefits these technologies offer. Oil firms can utilize digital technologies to drive value, reduce costs in downturn and execution speed, as well as

10 fire protection tips in the oil and gas industry

Working in the oil and gas industry comes with a range of risks and exposure to hazards, but of all the exposures, one of the worst is fire hazard which is detrimental to property, asset and lives. Therefore, working in the sector requires proper safety standards and protocols. Guarding against fire-related hazards in the oil and gas

How to start a diesel supply business in Nigeria

It’s a known fact that oil and gas business is one of the most lucrative ventures in Nigeria. Periodically, the demand for petroleum increases, the supply chain expands and smart individuals take advantage to enrich themselves. Amongst many rewarding petroleum products is Automated Gas Oil; often referred to as Diesel. Diesel supply is a viable…

10 safety tips when using gas at home

In thousands of homes across Nigeria, cooking gas is the go to solution for having a smokeless kitchen. It’s clean and highly efficient but unlike other substitutes like firewood, charcoal, cooking gas comes with extra care and caution. Poor management has resulted to fatal loss of lives and properties. Below, we list 10 safety tips to consider…

How to make money in the oil and gas sector

Jean Paul Getty, a renowned English American industrialist said: “Formula for success: rise early, work hard, strike oil.” This was after his investments in Saudi Arabian oil wells paid off. He moved up to playing in the big leagues and becoming one of the richest of his time. Since then, a lot of individuals have adopted this mantra and…

Tips for a booming oil and gas business

Having an oil and gas business is not only lucrative but also impacts the economy. It improves the economic outlook of a country in several ways. No doubt, it provides a number of jobs to people, thereby reducing the rate of unemployment. However, to be successful in the business, one needs to know and implement a whole lot of strategies due to…

How to get a job in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry

You have been dreaming of securing a job in the oil and gas industry. In fact, you studied an oil-related course. But, your dream of landing a job in the industry has never materialized. Well, this is not your fault. Getting a job in the Nigerian oil sector is as difficult as it sounds. The reason is not far-fetched. Oil and Gas jobs are very…

15 Facts about Oil and Gas you should know

Oil is an essential raw material to man and the society at large. The entire world can barely survive without oil and gas. Knowing some facts about the oil and gas industry is therefore important judging from the fact that it plays a major role in every economy. We have made a list of 15 facts you should know about the industry. A barrel of…

Tips on Fuel/Diesel Purchasing

Advances in technology have caused there to be less tolerance for bad fuels in both fuel and diesel engines and as such consumers need to take extra care when purchasing petroleum products to avoid buying adulterated or off-spec products. A handful of suppliers are selling bad products to unsuspecting consumers and consumers need to be vigilant…
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