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Enyo to invest in 20 gas plants


The Nigerian-based downstream oil company, Enyo wants to position itself as the leader of the transition to gas as the country prepares to turn its back on its dependence on petroleum products so as to increase the use of gas.

Going by the above, Enyo seeks to invest in 20 liquefied petroleum gas plants.

Already, Enyo Retail and Supply, has announced that it has started implementing its policy of boosting the use of natural gas in the country.

The objective is to invest in the construction and development of 20 LPG production plants, over the next 24-36 months, to realize an LPG filling plant and to launch its first gas station for gas motorists.

Last year, the authorities launched the “2020, year of gas” program to encourage local initiatives aimed at stimulating fuel consumption. The program is divided into several components, the most important of which for companies consist of supporting them in their efforts to develop gas projects.

It is to take advantage of the opportunities offered by this segment that Enyo has embarked on the implementation of this program. “The the expansion program is in line with the federal government’s initiative to increase gas consumption in Nigeria,” the company said in a statement.

The boss of the firm, Abayomi Awobokun, affirmed that “following the declaration of the federal government to establish 2020 as the year of gas, the company is delighted to position itself as the champion of the transition to more energy. clean and make efforts to increase domestic gas penetration and uptake in Nigeria”.

While the amount needed to complete these projects has not yet been disclosed, the company said it plans to open its first automotive gas the station in five to six months.

converted to gas. Among these, we can count those of the presidential convoy and the official fleet of his own ministry.


Source Agence Ecofin
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