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Equinor promises to assist in Bahamas oil spill


Equinor has promised the public of its involvement in the cleanup of the Bahamas due to the oil spill devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian. Equinor says it will clean up the spills from the South Riding Point oil terminal. Resources are being put together quickly to safeguard the people, the environment and the facility. 

The size of the oil spill is still unknown although the South Riding Point oil terminal has sustained damage from the hurricane and oil has been sighted on the grounds at the terminal site and in neighbouring areas.

Furthermore, Equinor had over 50 personnel in Grand Bahama, all of whom were confirmed safe and accounted for. Relief is also being provided, which comprises water, food and more.

Based on current visual assessments, there are no indications of continued oil leakage from the tanks or of oil spills from the terminal to sea or beaches. Further examination is ongoing to assess the full impact of the spill.

Security personnel has been transferred to the site at the spillages working to secure the area and identify potential hazards.            

Equipment’s like skimmers, oil containment booms, absorbents, pumps, pressure washers, and boats. The oil firm has secured vessels and equipment for oil spill response in Port Fourchon, Louisiana, and from various ports across southeast Florida. Some are now en route, while some are pending customs to be en route as soon as possible. Upon arrival, clean-up and remediation will start immediately.

This is good news for those living in the Bahamas.

Source Worldoil
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