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FG strategizes on improving domestic cooking gas consumption


The Federal Government recently set up The National Gas Expansion Programme Committee, to come up with strategies on how to optimally increase usage and monetization of Nigeria’s domestic consumption of cooking gas from 750,000 tons to five million tons by 2023.

Dayo Adesina, the Programme Manager, National LPG Expansion Plan, stated this when he presented a paper titled: “Domestication and utilization of LPG in Nigeria”, before the State Government’s Executives and industry stakeholders in Lagos.

He said, efforts are being made to increase household LPG consumption to 60 million homes, which will push consumption from the current 750,000 tons to 2 million tons by 2021 through increased acceptability and awareness and incentivized schemes.

Adesina also said, that through a revamped textile industry, there will be an increase in LPG consumption to 500,000 million tons per annum, which also creates about 450,000 direct jobs and reduce emission by 20 percent.

He noted that gas could be effectively used in agriculture for powering farm tractors, in transportation as autogas, in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through usage in cylinders and stoves, in industries for welding, food processing, automobile, in power generation for signage, street lights, stadiums, megacities among others.

“In transport, efforts at switching to gas from diesel/petrol are ongoing. The federal government is also looking at using LPG in abattoirs. The plan is to increase LPG usage in abattoirs from 10,000 to 250,000 million tons per annum (mtpa). Besides, it will increase hygiene and food safety practices, improved cold storage facilities and contribute to about 10 percent reduction in CO2 emission.” he explained.

Adesina also revealed that about $750 million worth of infrastructure for LPG transport and retailing are required. Such infrastructure, he said, including about 3000 LPG filling plants, trucks (5,000 bobtails, 5,000 bridgers) and more skids.

Source The Nation
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