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LPG conversion deepens across Nigeria causes an increase in demand for gas cylinders


The significant increase in local consumption of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), which is shot at about 600,000 metric tonnes annually, has been hinged on Nigerians converting cooking gas for commercial and domestic uses.

Up to now, the country’s local consumption didn’t change at about 70,000 metric tons per annum as of 2007, despite the nation’s LPG conversion deepens across Nigeria causing an increase in demand for gas cylinders.

However, the belief surrounding the use of cooking gas is being gradually addressed as enlightenment and education on the efficiency of gas as clean fuel which is used by many households.

According to the Guardian, it was gathered that the supply of different sizes of gas cylinders around some retail shops in some major markets like Ojuelegba, Mushin and some parts of Isolo had increased over time because many people have switched to using gas.


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