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Maersk Drilling gets jack-up rig contract from Petrogas E&P


Maersk Drilling has been awarded a contract to provide Maersk Resolute harsh-environment jack-up rig to drill one well in the Dutch North Sea.

Awarded by Petrogas E&P Netherlands, the Maersk Resolute MSC CJ50 jack-up rig will undertake well maintenance and drill a side-track of the A9 well at the P9 Horizon field in the North Sea.

Maersk Drilling plans to commence contract work next month and complete it within 45 days.

The company plans to integrate Maersk Resolute rig with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system, which is designed to use ammonia injection to convert NOx into harmless water and nitrogen prior to the commencement of the contract.

The SCR system is expected to reduce NOx emissions by up to 98%.

Maersk Drilling COO Morten Kelstrup said: “We’re happy to add this contract for Petrogas, which will bring Maersk Resolute back to work on an extremely extended reach well at P9 Horizon, which the rig originally completed in the autumn of 2019.

“Operations in the Dutch North Sea come with a strict focus on protecting the environment, and we fully support this as part of our ambition of providing responsible drilling.”

The Maersk Resolute rig completed its latest campaign offshore the Netherlands in December 2019 and is currently warm-stacked in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Maersk Drilling plans to move the rig to commence the previously announced two-well contract for Dana Petroleum Netherlands upon completion of the contract with Petrogas E&P Netherlands.


Source Offshore Technology
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