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Nigeria extends Shelf Drilling rig contract


Nigeria has given a six-month contract extension for the 2008-built jack-up rig to Dubai-headquartered Shelf Drilling.

The new extension is in direct continuation of the rig contract. The rig is operating offshore Nigeria

Meanwhile, for the months of May, April and June Nigeria’s rig count has remained unchanged at 14. For the latest period, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), had its rig count appreciate by two, having recorded 576 in June, as against 574 recorded in May.

In the world, rig count appreciated by 39, in the month of June, as it recorded 2,378, against 2,339 recorded the previous month.

Among the other OPEC members, Ecuador had its rig count for June at 10, against six it experienced in May. Saudi Arabia had 114 in June, as against 111 recorded the previous month. UAE had its count at 61, against 60 recorded in May. Venezuela recorded 24 in June as against 22 in the previous month.

Algeria and Iran had their rig counts reduce within the same period. Algeria recorded 45 in June against 51 recorded the previous month. Similarly, Iraq had 77 in June, as against 75 in May.

The remaining OPEC members had their rig count unchanged within the period under review.

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