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Nigeria to Move Petrol, Cooking Gas by rail – PEF


The Board of the Petroleum Equalisation Fund (PEF) has said that the Federal Government is working towards the transportation of petrol and cooking gas in Nigeria by rail.

During a panel session at the Nigeria International Petroleum Summit 2020 in Abuja, the Executive Secretary, PEF, Ahmed Bobboi, said the board is in consultation with the Nigeria Railway Corporation and other stakeholders to ensure the usage of rail as a means of transporting petroleum products, as they plan to go into rail equalization.

“With the improvement in our rail system going on now with the government’s impetus towards making this available, we are going to use rail to make sure that gas, not just petrol, is made available to people in every part of the country,” he added.

He said that PEF would work with the Ministry of Petroleum Resources and the committees set up by the government to enlighten Nigerians on the safe usage of gas for cooking.

The board is working towards reducing the number of tankers plying the roads daily as they are causing havoc.

Bobboi said the equalization plan would enable Nigerians to use more clean fuel to cook, and probably minimise the current violence between cattle herders and farmers on account of climate change.

“Railway equalization and LPG penetration, these are crucial to the existence of PEF because we feel by equalizing gas in the country, we will help the government in its policy of trying to reduce desert encroachment and it is not only the government of Nigeria that is doing this but also the United Nations which is promoting clean environment,” he said.

According to him, the equalization and bridging schemes of PEF are paid from upfront payments made by marketers who import or refine petrol in the country.

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