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Nigerian energy firm leverages technology to address challenges


Mafuta Energy Services Nigeria Limited has stated that it would continue to leverage new technologies to deploy solutions in the oil and gas sector, as a way of contributing its own quota to the development of the upstream sector of the economy.

According to The Guardian, the Co-founder and CEO Mafuta Energy Services, Onochie Onyetenu, suggested this while speaking on the capability and functionality of the oil and gas firm. It is reported that he stated that the company delivers high-quality construction services using the state-of-the-art technology, and takes into recognition, safety measures in compliance with global best practice.

The CEO shared the opinion that Nigeria’s oil and gas industry has developed tremendously over the last decades, making it interesting and engaging with the overall participation of many indigenous companies.

Onyetenu said tubular running services in Nigeria have not received adequate attention over time to be able to attain the required technological advancement that measures up with other advanced countries.

He posited that this situation which poses some level of challenge has made the firm to take up the responsibility to bring the needed change in the industry. He emphasized that in all stages of tubular handling and installation, the firm has developed modernized processes to forestall failure and reduce costs through world-first technologies and highly qualified manpower to deliver precision in all conventional or digitized operations.

This development, he said, could not have been effective if not for the federal government’s local content initiatives and regulations. He added that the local content development Act 2010 brought about a paradigm, which has significantly impacted on the industry’s labour, materials, manpower/hour and other affiliated project resources.

Source Guardian
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