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Occidental Petroleum opens solar farm to power oil production


Occidental Petroleum opened the first solar farm, which will directly power its oil and gas operations.

The petrochemical manufacturing firm said the Goldsmith solar farm is to provide the electricity to power its enhanced oil recovery operations in West Texas’ Permian Basin.

The 120-acre, 16-megawatt solar farm is located outside of Odessa at the Goldsmith oilfield. It’s a small solar farm, but enough to power the oilfield operations, or to power several thousand homes.

“Occidental is taking an important step toward realizing our aspiration to become carbon neutral through the use of emissions-free solar electricity,” said Oxy Chief Executive, Vicki Hollub.

Oxy’s enhanced oil recovery methods in the Permian involve injecting carbon dioxide into more mature wells to help produce additional oil and gas volumes.

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