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Police uncover plot to attack oil installations


The Nigerian Police has uncovered a plot by reprobates posing as environmental activists to blow up oil installations in Niger Delta and adjoining states. This was revealed in a statement by the force’s PRO, Frank Mba.

The PRO said that the plots are politically motivated and aimed at sabotaging oil installations with intended negative consequences on national concerns.

He said: “The Nigeria Police Force has uncovered specific plots by some subversive elements masquerading as climate and environmental activists to commence massive and coordinated attacks on oil installations across the country especially in the Niger-Delta region and adjoining states. These plots, which are politically motivated, are aimed at sabotaging oil installations with intended negative consequences on national security, economic development, and global oil market.”

Responding to the threat, the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Adamu, has placed state commissioners on red alert and have instructed them to be on the lookout for the criminals and arrest them.

“Consequently, the Inspector- General of Police, Adamu Mohammed, has ordered commissioners of police nationwide, and particularly in designated states to intensify their surveillance missions around oil facilities and other critical national infrastructure. The commissioners of police and other field commanders have also been directed to put in place proactive measures aimed at neutralizing these subversive threats and bringing the plotters to book. The IGP warned of dire consequences for persons or group of persons who may want to resort to the use of violence or threat of violence, in advancing their political or economic goals.”

The force also urged citizens to be vigilant and report all suspicious characters and plots to the law enforcement agents.

Source Sun News
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