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Power generation drop as a result of decline in gas supply


Domestic gas supply for the generation of electricity has recently declined again for at least a second time this year.

The drop was revealed in the latest figures released by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation on domestic gas supply to the power sector and generation. It showed that between March 2018 and January this year, gas supply for the generation of electricity suffered a plunge by 97 million standard cubic feet per day. This, in result, prevented a total of 368 megawatts of electricity from being generated on the grid.

The Advisory Power Team in the Office of the Vice-President, in their report on Thursday about the performance of the power sector, confirmed that the unavailability of gas was the dominant constraint to power generation in Nigeria.

The team reported that “1,959.5MW of electricity was not generated due to unavailability of gas on June 5, 2015. The dominant grid constraint on June 5, 2019, was due to unavailability of gas, constraining a total of 1,959.5MW from being available on the grid.”

The team also shared that 150MW of power was not generated due to unavailability of transmission infrastructure, while 1,077MW was not generated due to high frequency resulting from the unavailability of distribution infrastructure.

“355MW was recorded as losses due to water management. The power sector lost an estimated N1.7bn on June 5, 2019, due to constraints from the insufficient gas supply, distribution infrastructure, and transmission infrastructure,” they said.

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