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Russia gas pipeline plans to boost grip on Ukraine, Europe


Russia has proposed a ‘Nord Stream 2’ natural gas pipeline in a bid to boost its power in Europe and grip over Ukraine according to the U.S. energy diplomat.

U.S assistant secretary for energy resources told reporters that the Nord Stream 2 would help Russia increase its leverage of the West while severing Ukraine from Europe.

According to Reuters, much of the gas that Europe currently gets from Russia via pipeline goes through Ukraine, which collects billions of dollars in transit charges making up to 3 percent of its gross domestic product.

But President Donald Trump has opposed the pipeline even as his predecessor, Barrack Obama as a political tool for Russia to consolidate power over Europe.

Nord Stream 2 aims to bring Russian gas to Western Europe via the Baltic Sea, and TurkStream, a pipeline to bring gas from Russia to Turkey. When completed it would mean transit revenues would evaporate.

Source Reuters
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