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South Sudan partners Africa Energy Chamber to strengthen hydrocarbon sector


South Sudan Ministry of Petroleum recently partnered with Africa Energy Chamber for a technical assistance cooperation agreement to strengthen its capacity to manage its hydrocarbon sector and wealth.

This collaboration is coming after several years of civil struggles affecting the sector despite having the longest petroleum industry experience than the rest of East African countries.

According to Executive Chairman, African Energy Chamber, NJ Ayuk “This partnership with the African Energy Chamber once again proves the high level of trust and genuine cooperation that is needed to develop our country. Guaranteeing energy access is important for every South Sudanese in our march towards economic growth.”

 The Exchange reports that the technical assistance will help foster support for South Sudan in building an enabling environment for business and a world-class oil industry for the benefits of all citizens and investors.

Also, the agreement would help in conducting an immediate needs assessment of South Sudan’s oil and gas sector, detailing the key institutional and policy reforms required to strengthen capacity across the country’s value-chain.

The Chamber will also work on key energy access initiatives and mobilize financing for South Sudan.

South Sudan is East Africa’s only mature oil producer.

Source The Exchange
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