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Trafigura, Buckeye makes first crude oil delivery in Texas


Trafigura Trading LLC and Buckeye Partners L.P make its first delivery of Permain Crude Oil from all American’s Cactus II pipeline at the Buckeye Texas Partner terminal in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The delivery made encourages more growth in both crude Oil firms in regards to oil exportation and transportation. “Today further builds our position as the leading exporter of U.S. crude oil and refined products as we utilize our global customer base and marketing skills to place barrels with end customers across the world “, said the Director of Trafigura Trading LLC, North America, Corey Prologo.

This first delivery creates more opportunities for Trafigura and Buckeye to work together. Trafigura and Buckeye have been making use of connected infrastructure in the Eagle Ford Basin to achieve service commissioning and receipts, prior to full Cactus II operations.

With Trafigura offering customers a full-chain logistics solution, and Buckeye, which has constantly established an unparalleled Corpus Christi infrastructural position have together become a powerhouse in the oil exportation industry.

Source Buckeye Storageterminlmag
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